You sow a habit; you reap a character. It all starts with a thought! Sharjah Indian School is a Senior Secondary School, Owned and Managed by Indian Association Sharjah. This is an education space with a sense of openness that encourages collaboration, allowing children to ‘free flow’ and explore their own environment in alignment with the British Curriculum. Search 45 Sharjah English School jobs available on, the world's largest job site. Teaching and learning within Sharjah English School reflect SES strong beliefs about education in general: The school year begins with a character sketch related to a required summer reading book, and culminates with a benchmark essay on a specific short story. Victoria English School provides a comprehensive, curriculum, with a clear process of learning and specific learning goals for every subject. Curriculum - Sharjah English School. Progressive English School follows International systems. To ensure breadth and balance in each student’s individual curriculum, all students take English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, two or three Science courses and up to four further optional subjects to GCSE (or BTEC equivalent) level. Emirates National School Sharjah, is a Primary School (I-V), affiliated to International Baccalaureate (IB). It has undergone multiple inspections by the British Schools Overseas and British Schools Middle East and was rated ‘Very Good’ the … Key Stage 3 students have opportunities to engage with and explore subjects, many of them being encountered for the first time, in an atmosphere that stokes intellectual curiosity, academic discipline and ambition; in this they are guided by dedicated, highly specialized teachers who share a passion for their subject and a love for imparting knowledge. Within a safe and secure environment we seek to equip our pupils for the world of today and tomorrow, to foster self-esteem and respect for others, to widen horizons and to give them the means to reach those horizons and beyond. Edarabia showcases all private schools in Sharjah through which parents can filter by tuition fees, curriculum, rankings & ratings. awareness and participation in a wide variety of activities. Students are also permitted to offer additional language subjects for examination at IGCSE (in Arabic, Russian, German, Spanish for example); at times it may be agreed that examinations in these additional subjects can be taken in Year 10. To value initiative and a sense that all have the potential to contribute. Within a safe and secure environment, we seek to equip our pupils for the world of today and tomorrow, to foster self-esteem and respect for others, to widen horizons and to give them the means to reach those horizons and beyond. Whatever their choices, the school works hard to ensure that children recognize that the GCSE and BTEC courses require application and hard-work over a two year period. Sharjah Indian School is a Senior Secondary School, Owned and Managed by Indian Association Sharjah. There is a wide scope for participating in sports, extra-curricular activities, instrumental lessons etc. Gulf Asian English School follows the Indian curriculum of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Some subjects may be offered at both Higher and Foundation level. They will learn to work They must embark on the course prepared to extend themselves academically, to utilise the greater independence that they will have in a worthwhile and constructive manner to allow them to take advantage of the opportunities which will exist for developing skills, leadership and responsibility. creating a future to benefit all of society. Brilliant International Pvt School pledges to provide quality teaching and learning for all its pupils, delivering a curriculum for the holistic development of the child. To foster enquiring minds that want to know more. Head of Year 7, Head of Key Stage 4: Ms. Jessica Ockenden. Our well qualified teachers provide a unique learning experience to the students by relating theoretical knowledge with practical implications. To teach and guide pupil by being a good role model. Gulf Asian English School; Curriculum: CBSE, Indian. * Creatively planned activity room and covered play area is just perfect for foundation stage. 25,000+ Parent Reviews, Tuition Fees, Ratings, Curriculum | Meliha Rd, Near National Paints, Opposite University City | For more than four decades Sharjah English School has been the school of choice for families seeking an excellent and challenging UK education for their Consultations between students, their parents and the teachers begin in the first term of Year 9. Fax: +971 (6) 558 9305 The school and teaching staff have a proven record of guiding and preparing students for some of the top universities in the world – SES alumni have enjoyed success at Oxford, Cambridge, Brown, UC Berkeley, St Andrew’s, Imperial, Boston and several other Ivy League and Russell Group universities. Details of the clubs on offer can be found on the Extra Curricular Activities page of our website. The subject mastery required to gain a top grade at A Levels requires rigour, discipline and hard-work of a very high order; the school’s role is to enthuse and inspire senior students to fearlessly take on that challenge and to take ownership of their futures with confidence. Approved by Ministry of Education UAE The one & only ICSE and ISC School in Sharjah! *The outfield is equipped with play items to improve their motor skills and stimulate their curious minds to inquire about and understand the world around them. What SES can also offer prospective Sixth Form applicants is a fully established and proven system for supporting college applications, through staff mentoring and assistance with all aspects of their applications; from personal statements and personal essays to enhancing their applications with extra-curricular achievements and responsibilities. self esteem, self discipline and sense of justice. Vision & Mission; Curriculum; Admission; Fee Structure; Academics. Our thoughts are causes. These systems focus on student learning outcomes, adopting highly academic criteria, effective teaching and learning methodologies, and emphasizing the development of student attitudes, values and skills to effectively participate as contributing members of their communities. The school’s vision embraces Sharjah English School They will face challenges, but will do so in an environment that encourages ambition and positivity. Search 10 British Curriculum School jobs available in Sharjah on, the world's largest job site. Teachers engage, support and extend students’ of all abilities, in lessons which are stimulating and enriching. National Day; ... UAE The one & only ICSE and ISC School in Sharjah! Gulf Asian English School Fee Structure: Brilliant International School serves its cross- cultural community by providing an education of the highest standard within the context and understanding of core values e.g. It is one of the longest-established private, not-for-profit, coeducational schools in the UAE.With current enrolment of 850 students across primary and secondary (with ages from 3 to 18), it remains an intimate and inclusive school. We designed the new teaching block at the renowned Sharjah English School, covering Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2. Today after 30 years, the school has a strength of 7600 students and 500 teachers *The foundation stage enjoys an independent building, ideally created to cater for child’s physical, psychological and mental growth. Nothing says, 'Sharjah,' more than the Blue Souq, the traffic and of course- Sharjah English School (SES). Established in 1974, Sharjah English School is one of the most famous and reputed Wales and British curriculum schools in Sharjah. As a school we recognize how crucial the co curricular programme is to help nurture confidence, leadership and resilience. United Arab Emirates, Tel : +971 (6) 558 9304 The choices students make, about what and where to study for Sixth Form, will have a significant bearing on their future life and career. In this they are guided by teachers with detailed knowledge of the specifications and past examinations, who are capable of supporting and stretching all the students in a group to achieve the highest grades of which they are capable. Po Box 1600 Now there are 2100 students on roll and has got classes from K G 1- Class 9. If they are to benefit from entering Sixth Form, students must have a proven academic record of achievement at GCSE or IGCSE. To work together as a team to help each student reach the highest level of social, physicalandacademic achievementsandbecome productive, well-rounded global citizen. In addition to subjects they have studied since Year 7, Key Stage 4 students have the opportunity to embark on new subjects, such as Economics and Business Studies. Their aim should be to strive for success, so that they can leave school fully satisfied with the options that are available, and they must feel equipped to take on the challenges of university and life with confidence. PACE International School is one of the best schools in the U.A.E which offers CBSE Curriculum. Phone: +971 6 534 0000, 06-534 0000. The Brilliant Intl PvtSchool ispledged to go beyond just education &create conduciveand a holistic learning atmosphere wherechildren are encouraged to use their natural gifts and to achieve the edification along with the vital elements of an international curriculum itself. Key Stage 4, while undoubtedly focused on ultimate examination success, also provides ways for students to enhance their leadership skills, their control of their own health and fitness, their ability to manage and navigate the increasing personal and social demands that come with being a teenager. Sharjah is one of the major cities in United Arab Emirate after Dubai, and thousands of … As they leave Year 9, the students reach an important point in their schooling where they have to decide which subject options to take for their GCSEs. Our teaching staff at A-Level and BTEC are all experienced practitioners with years of success behind them. SES believes that A Levels provide the ‘Gold Standard’ amongst pre-university qualifications, wherever a student plans to go next.