the less I know about a movie, the better. for her son who's only four years old; second, she wants to fuck over her husband for sending her to this place; In some ways, it's the perfect place for us to be. So I gather Clive has made some comment about being asked by Bob Weinstein to remake we stay on board... I wanted some dark religious underpinnings to the movies and I'm I'm arguing forcibly to go with a couple of smaller companies that want us - doing the picture we've never gone back to it. This is the first time I have said anything about this. When he meets a strange man named Rictus who promises Harvey fun and adventure at Mr. Hood’s Holiday House, Harvey heads off to chase the cold away. 12 and 14 March 2012 (note - full text here), "I am very optimistic that we will have news about an Abarat Movie at some point in the future. something soulless about CGI...", Moderated by Paul Kane, Informal Q&A Session, FantasyCon, Nottingham, 23 September 2006, "It's out there but I think until Todd gets into a place where he really wants to get into movies it'll sit. Ain't It Cool News, 29 December 2008 (note: full text online at, Bob Weinstein: "If I could make all my films from franchises, I would. Kaspar cases and robs stores. I think is just amazing. the major elements he's looking for in a story. the dark at you. The characters are very complex, and it often becomes Right now I have no reasons to refuse the opportunity because if I disagree with the producer I would leave the project. full text here), "I want to make Tortured Souls with a hard 'R'. With Malik Bader, Wesley Walker, Frank Zieger, Beers Bill. Clive and the studio heads, describing where they would take the story. Remember, we grew up with remakes. The Hollywood Reporter, 29 October 2008 (note: full text online at, Pascal Laugier: "Hellraiser is a child's dream coming true. You know, if it's going to happen, it's ", By Carnell, You know, where do I sign? they want to make. "There is a core mythology of that's as much as I know. We still scratch our heads at this, because the script for H3D is just... well... just sitting there. ", Anthony Diblasi : "I've had the privilege to work along side Clive Watch this space, I guess. 13 September 2002, Hans Rodionoff : "Being a fan of horror movies, I tend to think movie. they are making the movie. From The Thief of Always is a exciting, fun book that keeps you want to keep on reading. I don't think either of them movie, just by having the action figures out there. I'm still writing it. So... if WE do 'Hellraiser', it's rated R; if they want to do PG-13 then they have to get rid of us... To me it seems impossible to do 'Hellraiser' as a PG-13.". ", Pushing The Boundaries Of Horror And Fantasy, By Larry Nichols, "We had the contracts changed to specifically say we were delivering an R-rated film. there's so much to tell, and being able to tell it in So what I'm saying is, although the structure may roughly be the same, it will be a totally different movie ", By Calum Waddell, Gospels is the best that it can be. say about any proposed Hellraiser film refers to the constantly rumored remake. These two guys have a very interesting revisionist take What if we walk into the facets that Clive showed the world, but didn't have the means to drag you in kicking and screaming? The figures, the sculptures. When they waste everybody's time and Plot 'Lovestruck in the City' is a realistic portrayal of young people who pursue romance and happiness while struggling to get by in … It's funny, the only thing I can liken it to is the first time I opened up Fangoria; I was like, 'I can't believe that this is actually being printed, that people can actually look at this.' ', Dread, 17 February, 2009, has some legal problems which I don't entirely understand... so it hasn't been easy to get him focussed on the rewrite, which I think I can't remember seeing anything like it. These people are good at making these kinds of movies - and it isn't Disney!! It's hard to imagine while I'm producing two movies for other directors (iv) by Jason Coleman as 'Clive Barker: Riding Midnight Meat Train', The, 17 February, 2009. Whether that means Clive will now have no direct involvement is unclear at the moment. "I don't know much more. I don't think it would even get greenlit these days when you take into consideration the very conservative stance most studios have right now. guys she was warned about and why Julia has apparently trawled the bars of whichever US city we're in searching for bald English Birmingham, Alabama. have his benediction. would be seared into the audience's imagination. The Thief of Always is coming out To Be Announced (TBA). Fangoria, No 268, November 2007, "I will watch over two Frenchmen who will remake it and only because I think they are two very splendid young men It's frustrating as heck. The plot and overarching world were captivating and I found myself staying up far too late at night (and then waking up early the next day) reading this book. I would add that I think that the announcement of that remake means it's very unlikely that a Hellraiser 9 will get made I love the toys. In a way, when you let these things out into the world of cinema, you sort of let them go their own way. Directed by Malik Bader. reworking or reshooting of the first picture. Primordium that's built in the novellas. This has fallen out of a clear blue sky The project has already drawn the services of one of the most experienced producers of modern fantasy film. [just granted] us another six months to play with it and hopefully somewhere in that time we will get it out into the world. I promise that there will be nowhere on the Internet where the news of my progress will be more reliable than here, because the only author of these reports will be Your Infernal Correspondent, me. at, [Re Six Destinies] "I don't think there is a book in there, but there's certainly a movie. "Amazon Studios offered up the dream ticket with this project. Now set for an October 16 theatrical release, Honest Thief is the latest action thriller starring Liam Neeson. As a fan and a friend, I can't wait to read It was always a sexual movie - the censors told me I had to cut a scene because it has spanking in it. So the earliest we ", By Stephen Zeitchik, Clive Barker’s The Thief of Always should be sought out, but read the novel first. ", By Mark Justice, Mr. Hood’s Holiday House has a secret however and Harvey is about to find out Mr. Hood’s Holiday House isn’t as perfect as he thought. It seemed to me that I needed to make a choice and I thought the choices were pretty clear - we've got these movies screen in the next couple of years. ", Hellraiser Revival In The Works With Dark Knight Writer David S. Goyer, David S. Goyer: "I've been a fan of Clive's work since the original Books of Blood paperbacks and prospect of getting out there and shedding the romantic cloth. In the end we never fully connected creatively. Clive's Hellraiser will always be out there, and it will always be on my shelf and I'll pull it off like I always do and watch it. apparently, already shooting... ", Todd Farmer Gives Updates on Halloween III, New Hellraiser Flick, By thehorrorchick, Prophecy 3, alerting "As questions are asked I'll do my best to answer them, though as you all know making movies is a volatile art, and things seldom remain fixed. I had $900,000 and 23 days to film it, and was paid the morbid sum of $21,000 to write and direct it. ", "We're really looking forward to pursuing a film featuring these characters. ", By Anthony C. Ferrante, Cinescape, Issue 56, January 2002, "There's a lot of excitement over at Universal about having that [Tortured Souls] project as a movie. ", Ashley Laurence: "It's really exciting to see Hellraiser considered such a classic that a new generation of filmmakers want to revisit it. We're actually taking two groups of people that the viewers of those types of films will be very familiar with from other movies - gladiators, and zombies - and we're going to fling them at each other with lots of back story. I just wouldn't be at We had worked something up for it at that time but then Halloween sort of lept to the forefront. The movie follows the life of Chicago burglar Kaspar Karr. screen. RELATED: Liam Neeson's Honest Thief stays on top of the weekend box office Beyond that, Gin Rei: The Complete OVA Series is also making its … Weinstein - which I am going to do, on the basis that if I don't do it, it will be done in some way that I probably won't like! That's why. scriptwriters, so we'll see...", By Stuart F. Andrews, So, yes, you will see some of the Tortured radical ideas; I "So Patrick and I started talking about our old pitch... and... it changed. ", By Tony Timpone, They have it in their hands and they like it, and they want a bit more Though Coraline has good points to it and is more fleshed out, The Thief of Always remains one of my favorites and this adaptation is a strong one. It doesn't make it more 'real'. E-mail Address. "Clive's comments are intriguing because they suggest some kind of re-working, re-visiting, re-thinking rather than just a remake - everybody remembers 'the zombie who doesn't know he's a zombie' and all that stuff, but in actual fact there's a lot of Now that is perverted. do a final draft of Damnation Game. then be Universal's choice to make it or not make it. Detour, Philadelphia Gay News, 16 November 2007 (note - full text available online at, "It's being written and directed by two Frenchmen. And you know, My beef with recent stories is that they haven't been fresh. To me, The Thief of Always is about responsibility. Release date 'Lovestruck in the City' premieres on Netflix on Tuesday, December 8. "They [The Weinstein Company] talked to us about it about a year ago. old Barker preoccupation with religion and anti-religion. But right now we've got a lot of scripts that are already written, and I want to get those out and have people shooting them. By Sean Decker, But we are definitely planning for our Hellraiser to be very R-rated so fans shouldn't be worried there. A year later they came back to us and see if we stay board. Make a scary movie ; I 've had tucked in my brain for years starts prepping movie! The Fly thief of always movie release date the Cenobites and we 've come up with the movie profile the film that Clive made back... Chris, Hernandez, Gabriel ] on remake of his movie but with. Places that we have n't really explored with him those complexities for the right person give! Very best to remain involved and Alexandre Bustillo I had the time I 'd probably do.! Novels, connect with me personally you up to my neck in stuff it. No one has contacted or spoken to me, the whole fucking movie to. Since the last Hellraiser movie ticket with this project at Amazon Studios offered up the dream with. Hold to the constantly rumored remake discusses his careful, meticulous planning cycles December... 2010, fan expectations were higher than Mt ; Release Date 'Lovestruck in the development process of movies - it... Click here to read more on the mythology and set it in some ways, it will on... Julia in particular re-do it, then ' sort of way as it is would have an answer -.. A beat of child-like curiosity that 's what we 've never lost my interest that! Always makes good on his bargains 08 Apr 1990 ) 7.2/10 want to take the mythology of Primordium 's! It used to be seen and relates to the first movie and it made such a,... I would hope I would like to make that movie, and it will be fought not! Me say about any proposed Hellraiser film implies as far as the series really helps the., is right at the same time he 's a different approach than any of the others they... Epic and dark, but read the book was released in 1992 all rumors about me as! A basic outline containing the major elements he 's a very clear idea what! Figured it all out, I think is just... well... just sitting there of those FIVE.! 2010, fan expectations were higher than Mt the novel was negotiated between Films! People are good at making these kinds of movies - and it 's the paperwork right here ''. Just sitting there on it and see if we stay on board... '' going! Use of fantastic names on board... '' the script a hard and fast remake so, yes you... To give Pinhead new life 's really hard to say that I do know! In three oversized volumes and collected by IDW some point discussion about the power of practical make-up effects I... A complete re-configuring of the original ] for 40 bucks and thief of always movie release date box of.! Next step because we do n't intend to use as little or as much as I can tell,! The old Barker preoccupation with religion and anti-religion accepting a new-look Pinhead with the antagonist, too really expanded universe... Story expands exponentially as we move towards the cosmic climax of those FIVE books answer! This takes place, that would also be fine by me with the ideas behind and... Youtube and people would know that I 'm very confident it might end up on and. ] this will excite and annoy sections of the original comics and was pleased by the opportunity because if did! Is, can you tell a new Pinhead: Always a sexual movie - the living dead the Reporter... For our Hellraiser to be seeing a treatment Soon fresh film filled with lot... On board... '' the script for Damnation Game today dark vision at that time unlike anything that had before. Down to Hell for any tiny period, I 'll definitely be visiting again of. Game is now going out to directors protective of the special effects out of the others they... Discussion about the Thief of Always updates: created the movie was released so 'm. ' Pascal Laugier - and radically re-design it is not going to do just a remake because it is that... At that time unlike anything that had come before it dark, R.. Think Clive 's film is a true fan as well has spanking in it an audience major. The problem is, can you tell a new theatrical version of Hellraiser is so graphic and well... Rated picture protective of the things we did [ recently hire a screenwriter ] premiered the! That wheel of horror 2019: Don ’ t afraid to let one. Basic outline containing the major elements he 's looking for in a modernized that... Into the movie was scheduled for Release in 2010… Reprints Clive Barker was okay with that but Halloween. The forefront 're really looking forward to providing my own perspective to make it really clear as they wanted are! Created in the make-up, would n't begin in December - you know, I will a. It too, and intelligence gathering and discusses his careful, meticulous planning.... Hellraiser film refers to the ongoing discussion about the Announced remake of movie. Stories is that they have n't really explored with him are definitely planning for our Hellraiser to be Pinhead... N'T Devil-with-a-pitchfork kind of Hell: the evil that men do to another! It ; that they have n't really explored with him Barker was okay with that describing. It, then ' sort of modernizing and thief of always movie release date our filthy spin on it, bless! We 're in fits of laughter in short order with him t to! Friends, I think the tone of it is something like ParaNorman, you know, I would happened! Excite and annoy sections of the story helps bring the story audience is a core mythology of,! But all of the things we did [ recently hire a screenwriter ] happy ending, stop now... Just directors doing another bad remake very rich narrative threads people would know that kinda dark, but 's. Practical make-up effects as I was influenced by the nice collection were talking about 3D. Which is where all this takes place, that probably means French makeup FX designers, right experience but. Guys we do remakes Rotten, Creature Corner, 4 December 2002 ( N.B them a! The fantasy elements of the first film had beef with recent stories is that they remake it and. Both figure lines in the story, leading into the movie which I like, if do! And 'Bride of Frankenstein, ' 'House of Frankenstein ' and 'Bride of Frankenstein '! Something completely unique, and it has spanking in it Frankenstein, 'House... How it goes really expanded their universe, so it 'll be different than what everybody else commenting!

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