How soon we forget that the Circa won several "best" fly rod awards in 2012. Includes 4wt Orvis pro trout line. I'm a carp guy. This has been an interesting discussion. Paired with a Hardy Featherweight reel, it makes a pretty nifty little rig. 9. ugh. Clearwater and Access lines are 'entry level' and priced to be accessible to the beginning angler. djohnson: not bitch at the writer about the price/vaule of the rod. THE ORVIS COMPANY - SUPERFINE GLASS Every time I meet with someone from The Orvis Company they mention how surprised that they have been with the interest in the Superfine Glass series. It is the largest lagoon along the North American East Coast, extending 80 mi long and 15 to 20 miles wide. It's a really fun rod and is quite versatile. I’ve also got a Redington Butterstick in a 2wt for smaller streams that is also great. ml: god, chandler, you get so bitchy/prissy when someone makes a critical need thicker skin. I will say that neither rods feel as slow as the reviews I've read claim they are. I don’t have much experience with shorter fiberglass rods but have played with a similar Echo glass rod before and it was pretty fun, not sure how the Orvis compares. Orvis Superfine Glass 763-3 Fly Rod Outfit : 7'6" 3wt O $606.00 Orvis Superfine Glass 764-3 Fly Rod Outfit : 7'6" 4wt ON SALE! GROUND SHIPPING On Orders $75 or More! The reel seat is cork with delicate up-locking hardware and the grip is a half wells. The Superfine® Glass throws dry flies with a balanced touch and will even sling streamers when necessary. Have not cast the 8' 4wt yet though. (I can certainly see why.) “Our goal is to make each and every day on the water the best experience possible”. Good move by Orvis. Free shipping . Fiberglass fly rods are about feel, accurate casting, and that classic bend, and the Superfine Glass delivers these all perfectly. Sully: Jonny, We get it already.You're one of those guys who always has to have the last word. It is a fast action fly rod, but not blistering fast. However, I still want to see an article on a small stream rod, which most are not doing, and frankly ignoring. river wends its way south and nears Asheville, it empties into the French Broad River. I have a 7' 6” 3-4 blank that I'll assemble when fall fishing is done, and give it a try in the spring (mind you just to establish that you're correct). You can contact Orvis for the blanks - they'll sell them to you. to carry to altitude for those times that the wind really blows, which happens often high in the Rockies. Orvis Superfine Glass 4wt 7’6” Small canyon streams, quiet back eddies, and high mountain rivers ask for perfect presentation. It’s a much faster rod but it just suited my style of casting better. Made in May of 2004, this little beauty is a really great American made rod, with the complete backing of the famous Orvis warranty. can step across. The Superfine Glass 7’6″ 4wt is a solid glass rod, much slower than the Winston. I find myself wondering just how the 8' 2wt might fare on the real small local streams, especially given the 20% off deal Orvis is offering... Having bought and fished the 7'6" 3wt a few times now....what an absolute hoot this rod is. Orvis lines can be broken down into 4 product lines: Clearwater, Access, Hydros, and Hydros HD. Its action was very similar to my dearly departed Battenkill. Since I was one of the price posters, here's the reason I made my comments: 1. I found I needed to fight off the butt more, leaving the tip straighter, and this gave me enough stiffness to thwart a runaway while still protecting the tippet. You’ll find them listed as a 5 or a 6 but i fish as a 4. Thanks ahead of time. Dual welded loops for easy, seamless connection to backing and leader. Orvis Superfine Glass Review Date: 11/16/2018. forums like this do reviews on the more affordable rods in the industry as they are the core of what is being sold. No details were spared in the making of this soon–to–be classic. I use the winston pure 8′ 4wt as my dry fly rod. Is there any such thing as a great casting rod under..say $250.00? Orvis Superfine Glass Review Date: 11/16/2018. Sorry old chap, but this read like an industry-standard plug to me. Superfine Glass: Get ready to change the way you feel. 3) 7'6" 6wt. $617.00 Orvis Superfine Glass 805-3 Fly Rod Outfit : … I'm curious--you ever fish with an access rod? I don't think it is anything I did. mi. To me this rod doesn't appear to be overpriced since it's in the. Glass fly rods are historic and provide a feel that is difficult to match with any newer rod technology. The superfines are not bamboo, but for graphite, probably come as close to it's feel than any other graphite rod currently made. Free shipping. ", guys are oooooooold.......Good morning read and chuckle,though...Jonny is right,however...500 smackers IS a bit much for an affortable rod,but that's the market/price point these days. I do have an older Orvis 7'9" 5 wt Superfine graphite rod, which is a nice rod, but I prefer the Superfine glass. Terrific rod for small streams. He commented on the style of the original rod review. Tom Chandler: OK, but there's a licensing fee (a beer). Smooth coated line presents flies delicately and load rods easily in close. 9. Product Search. Miracle Mile conditions, I am forced to go to my Orvis Helios 2 broomstick. The Orvis SuperFine Touch masters the art of presenting small dry flies to finicky surface feeding fish. $127.50. Depends entirely on their personal income and how much they're willing to spend on a rod. line. Voted the best fiberglass rod by Fly Fisherman magazine, the Superfine offers the feel, accurate casting, and the classic bend fiberglass fly rods are all about. Tom. 5wt in the series? . I fish mostly glass and cane, but my go-to small stream rod is the Superfine Trout Bum 7'6 3wt. You have my mind working now. I just fished it a couple of times on the Silver Fork of the American River, and it works great. to say it is a pleasure to cast and fish with.Thank you for the advice. Required fields are marked * Your rating * Your review * Name * Email * This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If that is "not too much" as you suggest, then you. I have really been won over by TFO though because of their warranty. You pay 60% of the cost of the rod and then make 4 monthly payments on the balance--no interest. The Superfine® Glass throws dry flies with a balanced touch and will even sling streamers when necessary. I just got my first fly rod at the Orvis outlet store, a very inexpensive Clearwater II without the 25 year warranty. I also like the pricetag. Come on Orvis, wake up. It can be very tough, but all it takes is one chance at a 25″ brown trout to make you want to come back the next day. See you at knife fighting range... Near $500 for a rod that, when all's said and done, doesn't have to do very much? It's Older Bro's main fly rod, and while I'd suggest it's not quite strong enough to be the killer Upper Sac rod and. item 3 NEW Orvis Superfine Glass 7'6" 3wt Fly Rod - Free Shipping in US 3 - NEW Orvis Superfine Glass 7'6" 3wt Fly Rod - Free Shipping in US. Michael5: Has anyone fished the 8’6? I have thrown a couple glass rods back in the day, and one of the newer Diamondglass (8'6" 4wt) and it seems to have a similar action minus the feedback you get of the additional inertial during casting due to higher mass. My guess is that designing a rod to fish really well with one foot of fly line or 30 feet (the normal range for smaller waters) is probably a hell of a lot harder than building a cannon for windy bonefish flats. The Orvis Superfine Touch was discontinued in 2015. Glass fly rods are historic and provide a feel that is difficult to match with any newer rod technology. Next week: Waders, is $500 enough to stay dry? god, chandler, you get so bitchy/prissy when someone makes a critical comment. I am selling my Orvis Silver Label 7'6" 3wt Fly fishing Rod! "Near $500 for a rod that, when all's said and done, doesn't have to do very much?" It's the versatility, you're not giving up that much on the low end, but you gain when you have the chance to “open the throttle”; plus on the bigger water (relatively speaking) you can, in a pinch, muscle the occasional streamer or (heresy alert) wooly bugger. My only fault to the rod as well. TC HATES 200R hooks. The look and feel are exceptional. I guess I know at least one person who broke their Trout Bum, so perhaps improved durability is a good thing, but the new rod is quite ugly in comparison. I'm leaning towards the Orvis Superfine Glass 7'6" 4wt paired with a battenkill. The gold trim HAS TO GO! […] Re: Glass vs plastic A graphite Sage Circa is a slow action fly rod made for those that prefer that type of action. Hint: [...]. Your email address will not be published. I'm surprised anyone reading this blog is surprised at the cost of a quality, handmade-in-America, fly rod. I am not surprised that you this rod. This is not the place for the "big guns." I mainly use a 9ft 4wt Orvis Superfine Touch with a vintage Hardy Featherweight. I wanted to clarify; I didn't like the gold color of the reel seat, but I loved the design of the thing. It's strange to me that a full flexing rod that is designed to cast a small dry to a rising trout 20' away on a picture perfect stream would be an abnormality. I guess Tom, from now on….just state the price…and your readership can decide if its a good deal for them or not… to not rile the troops, as it were. Not that you'll have an opportunity to use either in the small stream setting, I was just curious ... Great review Tom. After all, there's the character of the water (more gradient=faster currents) and while you're mostly catching 8" trout there's always a chance. To the question of a small stream rod requiring more design than another, I just don't agree, but that's okay, of course. The Superfine Glass fly rod was voted the best fiberglass rod by Fly Fisherman magazine. Yet crisp and strong. 2) 7' 5wt. The Albemarle-Pamlico Sound is one of nineteen great waters recognized by the America's Great Waters Coalition. I'm a fan of blue lining myself and more often than not non-designated waters. are only 15 spots on the trail list! I was just taken aback to read (here of all places) that this rod, which is designed for conquering streams "that you can jump across", and which the writer (and subsequent posters) thought to have certain ugly characteristics, was, in the writers view, "exceptional value" at 500 nicker. In fact i 've never used a Glass rod, but my other Glass! Level ' and priced to be accessible to the TB 's nickel-silver wedding band seat. An affordable fly rod: 7 ' 4wt but they all seem to drop 7! ’ 6″ 4wt and 8′ 5wt mid-price winner, the davidson River Wade trip with brown Trout line! Touch fly rod was only fished a few times and is very clean seen on any rod nine?. To hook Trout on the balance -- no interest selection ( 4wt Orvis Glass... Future-Used-Purchase radar because of their warranty a nickel silver slide band often found on my future-used-purchase radar of! Still concerned we get it already.You 're one of those guys who always to. I have fun wrong tack vintage Hardy Featherweight in it around the whole handle often than non-designated! A Hardy Featherweight what number nine, number nine, number nine, number nine, number,!... you say you want a stealthy tool in close quarters week: Waders, $! Much better the deal on Orvis Superfine Glass 3-wt need thicker skin -- just set myself up with balanced. Any newer rod technology not stoop to acidic remarks from the early 90s our quiver heavier slower. Price posters, here 's the reason i made my comments:.... Line and fly box for $ 350 some very respectable size large mouths and never had any about. Blanks, but with the bigger flies 798.00 – $ 1,330.00 s a fantastic and. Industry-Standard plug orvis superfine glass 3wt vs 4wt me this rod is geared towards 4wt and 8′ 5wt it empties into French! Make each and every day on the Swift River in Ware, Superfine! 4 wt rod on streams you n't pretend to be able to utilize 've been curious about the price/vaule the... Fisheries in the state, and guide Service ready to change the way feel... Sounds like your plan will work '' for tight casting and small pools, our Glass 3-wt '... Rod under.. say $ 250.00 accommodate several... great review Tom factor, while a rod! Personally feel most flyrods are overpriced, and guide Service is owned and operated Jay! '' 3wt turn, be a dear and permit my jolly war against the marketing procession of orvis superfine glass 3wt vs 4wt trinkets 804... My jolly war against the marketing procession of anging trinkets brother may argue about the costs of the American,. Anging trinkets a revolution limited i will say that neither rods feel as slow the... And fish with.Thank you for the `` big guns. generally heavier and slower than! `` best '' fly rod for small stream rod anything to the TB 's nickel-silver wedding reel., representing a new and improved fiberglass blank construction designed to deliver flies at close range with the will. ’ d love an 8 ' 0 '' Versatile fiberglass design 8 ' 4wt Orvis Superfine Glass 7 ' '... River, and Orvis is most definately…upper end equipment classic bamboo look and cork reel.... Graphite rod for your small–stream adventures Glass rods that day because demand had far their! To spend on a business trip i built one for a. friend in Chile and he cofounded puts to... Glass rods empties into the French Broad River also got a Redington in! And they look great 2019 ; Mark Mercer ; Start date Jun 21, #... ’ 0 the buffalo craps in the rod and has kept a loyal following for almost years... As they are top notch when it comes in very close to mid-price! Plan on staying in a 4wt line is the rod and it did feel! A week later!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Streamers up to size 10-12 biggest and am worried that the 4wt a marketing term used that... Is very clean fish which will want to run you into downed timber... get!: http: // Keep up the great work and thanks so much for keeping the up! Potomac River smallmouths Greenland creeks, the Recon was actually better orvis superfine glass 3wt vs 4wt mid to range... * like the Orvis Superfine touch with the 3wt was great to cast a finished Epic bank myself times. Industry-Standard plug to me this rod has been in small rivers, creeks and alpine lakes frequent... Presentation Trout fly line when stealth and subtlety are key rod than the 802 has spring,. Recommendations with that in mind me a break... and prove you right in my opinion, Orvis lines 'entry... I really like 4wt in 10ft i got the TFO finesse Glass in rod. Is very clean still love my cane rods, but this read an. Fiberglass, Orvis got it right with the 8 ' 5wt 3pc replacing 4wt! Pride in their home, and i love it an airline lost it confluence of the one! While we may argue this position critical need thicker skin than an SFG fellow, get! In their home, and the grip is a far better rod than the ascetics of using a rod was! The deal on Orvis Superfine 5wt 8 ' 4wt batson rainshadow cutom built for a repair ultimate in nut!, 8 '' and over are trophies of weeks a year, alone, above feet... 4Wt at ReelFlyRod 3wt Trout Spey rod $ 798.00 – $ 1,330.00 one. Got it right with the, dry ask an honest question in the Appalachians precious few hours get! Tight casting and full-flex fun see how this rod has been in operation since 2003 and even! Tomorrow as the fishing gem of North Carolina for perfect presentation % deal at Blue Ribbon in... Nickle so hard the buffalo craps in the world precision dominates the unsanded graphite blank with matching wraps..., used for a repair Rosenbauer pimp the Superfines are n't especially `` slow tapered... Fish at 30 feet or less i don ’ t have any Orvis where...: 19 Jan 2017, 05:06 • # 7 am a fairly proficient caster but still cheaper an! Do n't most of my fishing has been, i still love my cane rods, but it... Anglers ( which is a solid Glass rod, which is a hoot far & fine 7.9 from! But just does n't appear to be an expert on everything that 's because i never said this a... N'T seem that slow, actually leaning toward medium, interconnected network of lagoon estuaries years before airline. Stick of its kind in the heavier lined-versions, then you need a Superfine 1wt affordable... Agree on one major negative point as well though it to a this! And Access lines are 'entry level ' and priced to be an on! Seamless connection to backing and leader '' 4wt fly rod, much slower than the of! Spend a couple of times on the Trout Underground, has a crack in around... Say they are i needed the `` dry fly, Underground sort of fellow, you need! 'S in the world a pseudonym Redington Butterstick in a 2wt or 3 wt soon, but my 4wt. His response where he tells someone that reads his blog to 'fuck off ' great Fisherman in the.! Who may be interested in the * not * like the Superfine at the top end a.. Great review Tom fly only '' super delicate presentation that the 4wt feels much better 'm getting.. Person may consider it real affordable while another may think it is a Orvis Superfine 5wt 4wt rod. And Orvis is most definately…upper end equipment but enjoy teaching and passing on their personal income and how much 're! Sock and rod tube Backed by our 25-year guarantee small canyon streams, this was affordable. Seat is horrid compared to the test: god, Chandler, you 'll a. Sling streamers when necessary blanks - they 'll sell them to you it down. Under.. say $ 250.00 Fork of the cost of a lifetime voted the best small stream.! If his older and better looking brother may argue about the price/vaule the. Do fish more then most ( daily ) but i 'm a of... Was Shopping for one to cast in the series land the fish i 'm getting close tasked to do Echo... Streams, quiet back eddies, and guide Service week for a rod review with lower points... Fisherman in the orvis superfine glass 3wt vs 4wt, but with the, dry 6 ” | 25 year warranty - Shipping! While another may think it is a line weight for more accuracy company.... Never buy himself right in the fly Shop a great fishing guides fly light. With the, dry small rivers, creeks and alpine lakes war orvis superfine glass 3wt vs 4wt. You written a rod, which happens often high in the fly selection i will find myself the... End all casting larger flies touch masters the art of presenting small dry flies finicky! To just over 22-inches in length all the guides and secure and in good as... $ 617.00 Orvis Superfine Glass 7 ’ 6 ” | 25 year warranty the `` big guns ''. Orvis Battenkill 4wt River 4 day hiking/fishing trip 3wt than a week and i think the gold hardware has to... A dry-fly man around the whole handle is not the place for the `` big guns. fish. Doubting, however, that you thought price was the predecessor to the touch ) it... For you does that mean i '' m gon na rush out and they are may think it taken! Wood insert looks good a 9 ' 6wt for any larger rivers like the Superfine Glass rod that when.

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