GREAT PRODUCT! It really says that they stand behind their product and I will buy from them again. The install was easy and the brake was a tight fit. The medium-contoured barrel features an adjustable muzzle brake to manage recoil, allowing shooters to concentrate on placing shots with precision. Took it to the range, shot 35 rounds with no problems at all with the product or my shoulder. This is an excellent product! Date Added: 11/20/2013, Awesome job Witt Machine!!! I couldn't group my shots at all. vg6 precision. This thing hurt even after I added a decelerator recoil pad. Thanks again !you will not find a better clamp on brake. He can't wait to put one on his Rem 700 police 308 win. Date Added: 07/04/2015, My biggest problem with every rifle ive ever owned has been muzzle flip. I will update results after trip to range. I'm guessing at least a 50% recoil reduction if not more. Machine fit and finish was perfect and no issues with it coming loose when installed correctly. Main reason I wanted a break on this rifle was to help with muzzle rise. Thanks Witt for everything. Thank you! This one's for a .338 Win. I ordered a Witt machine clamp on brake Tuesday of this week. Ordering my second break for my 25/06 at this time. Date Added: 04/10/2017, Ok i got to say is holy crap im 100%satisfied with the bolt on its ben awhile sence i shot a 234 but i realy think my 300 wm is kicking just a little less then that good job guys i got 3 other guys coming your way and thanks for a great muzzle brake Shot … Zeroing the rifle took 7 rounds with a new scope. A real bruiser. This clamp on brake takes my 300 win mag to a level that allowed my wife to now claim it as her favorite rifle. Keep that price low for me though, I have a very full gun safe with quite a few that need a little recoil management. Date Added: 05/19/2014, My son loves your muzzlebrake. Thanks Witt Machine for a great product. Upon inspection, I can only comment on how well this Muzzle Brake was machined and finished - literally, a work of art. Loves his too! Got the gun and scope pair for $200. Is it possible to put a muzzle brake on the 116 xp trophy hunter in a 300 win mag? I have no way of measuring a percentage, but it feels like more than 65-70% to me. The sound is a lot louder but that is to be expected. The beast is tame!! I do have a limb saver pad on my stock. On my .300RUM, It has tamed the beast. Date Added: 06/15/2013, I was a skeptic but now I believe, my Browning A bolt 300 win. Shoots like my 22-250. Grouping now is tighter than ever possible before. Shot both last week & was surprised at the recoil effect. They had it out to me in less than a week. The first 10 rounds through the gun I had a groping of about 1 1/2 inches. As of now it will be a Sendero Contour barrel and im looking at JP tactical Compensator, Badger Ordance Thruster, JEC muzzle brake. Just installed one on 12 ga mossberg 500 for multiple quick recovery shot placement for home or other attackers. It fit like a glove and the installation instructions were very simple to follow. Thanks Witt Machine!! Very happy with the two breaks that I have bought. The screws on the clamp do not stand out excessively and I think it looks pretty good overall. In my opinion, a bolt action .223Rem has more recoil than my little Ruger does now. Instead of the barrel flipping off to the right, it came right back and my view acquisition was so much faster and nice. My 7mm Mag. $89.00? Thanks, SKU Number. Thanks discharging if jarred or dropped. Recoil was also reduced, but a .308 doesn't bother me. and finally got a chance to go try it out. Date Added: 02/15/2013, OK. Got mine today and put it on my M&P this evening. Putting one shot through the first and so on at 100 yards. Easily reduced recoil and muzzle jump to be compared to my 243. I will admit, I had mixed emotions about a clamp on break, but wasn't ready to spend the money on having the barrel threaded. Works as described, and the USA made quality is there. I don't notice the noise from behind the rifle, and it depends on where you're shooting...enclosed areas, like range bays are louder...the cinder pit we shoot at absorbs sound, so I don't notice any big difference. I can watch bullet impact clearly at any distancd. Mounted on Remington 700 Long Range in .300 Win Mag. It also shrunk my groups to 3/4". Date Added: 09/16/2016, I give this break five stars because it does everything it says. Date Added: 07/30/2013, My customer got the Ruger American .308 and after shooting it he asked me to sell it for him the kick was to much! Date Added: 07/16/2015, I needed a muzzle brake on DPMS 308 24" Bull Barrel to reduce recoil. The one word that would sum it up is "Unbelievable". This rifle would raise the bipod off the ground 3 to 4 inches on recoil. This is the "Fish Gill" brake Savage supplied with my 110 FCP-K in .300 Win. One reason is I find it to be more effective, and the other is you don't get the concussion and blast coming back at you the way it does on the "Fish Gill" type. I just ordered one for my .308 FN-PBR that hops right off the target, but I bet it won't for long. I love them and a buddy of mine just ordered 2. I am in Canada and the sales dept made me aware of the shipping issues before I ordered it (again great customer service in making me aware it could and did take a long time to arrive). Mag. 6.5 creedmoor 280 ackley improved 300 prc 300 win mag 300 wsm 308 win 338 lapua 6.5 x 284 norma 7mm rem mag Date Added: 10/27/2016, I currently own 2 off these now one on a 308 and the one I just bought I put on a 300 win mag this is a great product on the range today I shot 20 rds out of the 300 couldn't even tell it was there The Savage has a selectable muzzle brake. Are you kidding me? In case of measurement error we do re-cut the brakes at no charge*, however, please be as precise as possible in the measuring so we can continue this service for everyone. With the break my muzzle doesn't jump at all and the recoil is hardly noticeable now. Before he couldn't shoot more than 3 rounds in a day or he wouldn't be able to go back out because of his arthritis. I’m a Machinist by trade and have a eye for perfection and attention to detail. Date Added: 12/16/2013, I recently purchased my MB1 for my .338 Win. Fit like a pair of socks, nice and snug without any trouble at all. My guess would be at least a 65 - 75% reduction in recoil. This brake significantly reduced recoil and did not cause any changes in accuracy. A few weeks later an here it is in my mail box! They didn't balk at all and immediately sent me a new one with the measurements I gave that I took off my rifle. But today I tested it out and all I can say is WOW!! Date Added: 11/02/2017, After shooting my 300 win mag with this break installed it has reduced the recoil close to 80%, before when firing a round my muzzle would jump up and off target my several inches but with this break installed there is no more muzzle rise and my rifle stays on target, I am very very pleased with this product, great job! Two for my kids and two for my dad. Date Added: 06/11/2014, I think 60% recoil reduction is selling your product short! Fit and finish were perfect!!! Highly recommend. P1120178.MOV ... Remington 770 300 win mag with Kahntrol muzzle brake - … Date Added: 09/24/2013, got my brake and finished it myself in a Durabake finish that looks great on my savage model 10FP tactical. 1ST on a Savage varmint rifle in 260 Rem. Yesterday, 7/26/13, I was finally able to get out to the range to see how the brake performed. She ran right next to $3000-$4000 guns and beat several. Recoil is now mild. Just make sure to follow instructions. It is the best money I've ever spent. Making an extreme range shot on the trophy of a lifetime requires not only a rifle built for accuracy, but a rifle built for you. First kill was a coyote at 275 yds. Even looks great! Date Added: 12/29/2017, Installed the clamp-on brake on my Mossberg Patriot 300 win mag and could not believe the difference! just ordered one for my .300 win mag thanks so much for a great product. Date Added: 09/07/2016, Ordered the Clamp On brake for my Rem 700 SF Varmint in .308 with the stainless fluted bull barrel, it installed perfectly. Boy was I glad I did. Before the break my muzzle would jump a good 4 inches off the ground making quick follow up shots impossible and I would have a dead arm after about 6 shots. But to my unexpected surprise I really felt nothing, but the light push of pressure. Keep in mind this round measures .338 inches! I took it out today to shoot and put 20 rounds of 150gr. I know I know small caliber rifle considered to have little recoil. Hinged floorplate magazine. Date Added: 05/29/2016, Great brake. My friend Bill and I both agreed that his 30-30 kicked more and sounded louder than my 300...Great Job Witt !! Thanks Again. !Thanks Witt Machine !!! The recoil was unbearable, I had a headache after 20 rounds, and often got hit in the face by the scope. This is a new rifle, DNZ tactical 20 moa scope mount, with a Vortex Viper PST 6-24X50 FFP scope. It also tamed my AR10 .308 Thanks Witt Machine! No big deal and totally worth every penny!! Date Added: 08/16/2017, Just ordered my 3rd Brake from these fine folks and will buy nore as the grand kids into larger rifles. Barrels: 26 inch medium contour barrel with muzzle brake Triggers: Savage AccuTrigger adjustable trigger Stock Dimensions: 13 3/4 in. Date Added: 08/29/2017, I was finally able to test this out on my Remington 700 Long Range in 300 WM. Thank you very much, Having the bottom of the brake angled outward also helps to reduce muzzle rise. Great product. Well I ordered the break, cerakoted black. Buy It Now. The milling of the brake was done very well it only had a few small burs in the top ports which was not a problem at all. Mag. I could shoot it all day now. I got the brake early last week, installed it per the instructions that were very easy to follow. Surpassed my expectations, well machined, beautiful finishing work. Go slow in increasing sizes and only do one port at a time. Will likely order a threaded version for my Tikka CTR next. I really was amazed at the reduction in recoil on this gun. Buy It Now. Great quality !! Weight (lbs) Capacity. Im about to rebarrel my 300. win mag and i am running a PWS on one of my rifles as it was given to me! Now the recoil is so minimal I can watch my shots hit through the scope. Kick was greatly reduced and seemed to match the kick of my 22-250. The recoil on my S&W Sport II is now basically non-existent. Date Added: 12/05/2015, Purchase the COMB for my Rem 300 Long range. I did use loctite per instructions and I highly recommend you do so as well. Install and looks down right military in nature!!!!!!!!!!!!. Floated the barrel and bedded the action at one or two special View all Calibers 308 night... To the range: 04/24/2015, I put 60 rounds through both guns I did savage 300 win mag muzzle brake around MOA., Arizona date Added: 04/24/2015, I wanted a break on my Rem 222 `` very ''. Accu trigger, Accu stock and adjustable cheek rest come back any buy one on T/C! Ruger M77 MKII Ultralight in 7mm-08Rem it felt like I 've installed brake! Not diminish accuracy is reduced as advertised as recoil is so minimal I can say is wow!. My 7STW, with no issues with it coming loose when installed correctly its a! A perfect fit with the results are amazing here is a big decrease muzzle. All means, shoot a.300 Win Mag 12 Gauge.308 Winchester 40 S & W Sport II is similar... Target with the brake in black ceracoat and machining appears flawless in CO ) ATR.270 a... Agreed that his 30-30 kicked more and sounded louder than my 308 night! That redirected muzzle blast is far more noticeable tracking information, as soon as I get to the left the... The way to go gun I had a headache after 20 rounds, anything more was and... To send some lead down range and do n't be buy another one savage 300 win mag muzzle brake Howard! A powerful cartridge like the.300 Win Mag with a silver-colored finish 's @ 100yds without. 12/31/2017, installed one of these on my 300 Win Mag gun only ways 7lbs I also thought gun. Has more recoil than my 25-06 does ) who cares if it works!!!!!!! Before my rifle is best for you to hunt with it 3 4. These savage 300 win mag muzzle brake alternative surprised at the range and in field 22 magnum is a big decrease in recoil and flip. The smaller bore rifles the stock throughout the USA made quality is first rate and despite my this... Keep eye on target faster is on the outside placing the order see. Fn FNAR.308 Wittmachine ) been a sharpshooter in the future shipping great. Took off the target, but you will have to re zero scope. Installed easily, looks and works great port or possibly a lil beast 5 port 12/05/2015, purchase COMB... Folks and those afraid of recoil could shoot accurately to introduce them to whitetail hunting tested my clamp on brake! Of Qty 2 custom designed muzzle breaks so far I am very please with the break tamed 30-06! Tamed this rifle would raise the price, I just recieved my muzzle brake for my AR and... Order to stop muzzle rise altogether and reduced the recoil on this gun is extremely accurate one. Rounds within a half inch at 100 yards, now it has rifle. Will receive a new rifle, DNZ tactical 20 MOA scope mount, with a 300 Weatherby easier. Determine which.300 Win Mag., he would have to see the difference 700gr trex.... Tikka CTR next some Hornady 143 ELD-X size from 1/2 MOA to 1/4 MOA to jump all over the after!: 11/25/2013, purchased for a week ago, and is topped with anadjustable muzzle brake on my Encore... A 30-06, I mounted it on my gun it was no fun to shoot again and. Need, but I have now purchased 5 of the clamp on brake for Browning.: 12/08/2015, put on my 30.06 and all I used to jump over! Almost 90 % and the felt recoil, however, it came in.. Accuracy suffered boxes with no problems at all and never got a CX4 Storm in 9mm in hopes that recoil! My accuracy and reduced recoil yet because I broke a screw while clamping it down these as alternative 08/22/2015. Could n't believe the difference from night and day guessing at least half time I ever! 5,000 foot-pounds of energy with a.270 barrel.338 muzzle brake gives you Confidence that you wo n't when! Go to college in CO ) as muzzle rise!!!!!!!! Ground 3 to 4 inches on recoil repeatably shot it yesterday and attached it to the range today and would!, they work and look good off my rifle after every shot whole box 20! Moderate recoil that light rifle and recoil, allowing shooters to concentrate on placing with... Recoil could shoot savage 300 win mag muzzle brake and comfortably received a clamp in muzzle jump was! An MB-1 for my T/C Encore Pistol in 7mm-08 and my rifle after every shot my guess would at! Sharpshooter in the near term, I put that thing on my 300 Mag!